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    Simon Baillargeon Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have this page Modelo.asp, that show the pictures of five group of<BR>products, like Depurador.<BR><BR>The image of Depurador have a link like this on it;<BR><BR>Modelo.asp?Grupo=Depurador<BR><BR>And when they click, I would like that they see just the different<BR>depuradors, because it search in my database where it find Depurador.<BR><BR>How can I do that?<BR><BR>Simon Baillargeon<BR><BR>

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    E! Guest

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    Open a db connection, create a recordset... Loop through the recordset and display the image for each record retrieved...<BR><BR>Do you need to see code examples of this?

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    Simon Baillargeon Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>What do I have to change in my code, because I&#039m not sure it&#039s good?<BR><BR>sqlstr = "select Grupo, ID,Imagem_ProdutoPeq, Preco, Parcelas from Brastemp2 WHERE Grupo=" & Request.QueryString("Grupo")<BR><BR><BR>Simon Baillargeon<BR>

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