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    Hi all,<BR> I have a question in the Recordset -AddNew property.<BR>say if I have a table with a column whose Auto-Id is set to ON.<BR>If I use Recordset.AddNew() property to create a new reord,<BR>will the new record immediately have a value for that Auto-Id column or will it have a value only after the record has been committed?<BR>Hope I am not confusing U.<BR><BR>For ex.<BR><BR>If there is a field called Inventory-Id whose Auto-Id is set to On.<BR>and if the previous record&#039s inventory-id value is 49.<BR>If I say recordset.addnew()<BR>will a value of 50 be assigned immediately to the inventory-id column?<BR>Please let me know.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Pooja.<BR>

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    Hi there,<BR><BR>Yes, it should work fine. I&#039ve used both SQL and Access in that way. You don&#039t have to assign a new value to the auto-number field.<BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR><BR>Dan

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