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    example:<BR>sSql = "SELECT FROM tbl WHERE Name = &#039" & Request("Name") & "&#039"<BR><BR>What if user writes "It&#039s me!" in that input field?<BR>This would make sSql "SELECT FROM tbl WHERE Name = &#039It&#039s me!&#039" - which is not good for most sql servers.<BR><BR>Do I have to keep using my string parser to search for that "&#039" and make it a double or is there a quick workaround?

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    This is a function that I use:<BR><BR>function DblQuote(fld)<BR> DblQuote = Replace(fld, "&#039", "&#039&#039") <BR>end function<BR><BR>impGrpID = DblQuote(Request("FieldImpGrpID"))

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    Bringing it back in from the db, I reverse it...<BR><BR>

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    or you could use<BR><BR>function Quote(fld)<BR>Quote = Replace(fld, "&#039", "&lsquo;") <BR>end function<BR><BR>If the data is to be used on a IE browser you can leave it asis otherwise reverse the above when retrieving the data.<BR><BR>

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