Hi everyone.<BR><BR>I am somewhat new at asp and I have been stuck with this one problem. I am<BR>trying to use confirmation dialog box that would allow me to ask a user if<BR>they are sure they want to continue.<BR>Something along the lines of:<BR>&#060;%<BR>Sub btnDelete_onclick()<BR>recordset1.deleteRecord<BR> End Sub<BR>%&#062;<BR>Now I know all of ASP is already rendered and processed before the page<BR>loads up. So I have tried to break up this function with client side<BR>javascript and vbscript code without any luck, I can display a meesage to a<BR>user but command Recordset1.deleteRecord is executed no matter what. Is this<BR>a case of Remote Scripting or something else? DTC&#039s on this page are<BR>Recordset1 and Recordset2. Is there something else i should do like requery<BR>the rs1 or even close it when that button is clicked and then enable it or<BR>something third.<BR><BR>If you can help me I would appreciate it very much thank you.<BR><BR>Daniel<BR><BR>