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    Right here&#039s one for you. Does anyone know where I can find script/code for the following?<BR><BR>I have a database that contains numerous manufacturers taht will all appear in a drop down list on the search form. When a manufacturer is seleted i want a drop list below to automatically update with a list of that manufacturers products.<BR>Is this possible with asp, or do I need to wack some JavaScript in there?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Gaz

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    3 ways:<BR>1) A little javascript (onSelect or something like that) and reloading the page can do it of course. (onSelect submit it, let the asp handle the request and populate the 2. dropdown to represent the new manufacturer)<BR><BR>2) Send the whole load of information once and for all and let a javascript handle it all clientside<BR><BR>3) Use "remote scripting". Includes some new technology, but might work well for you in this case. Search for "remote scripting" at Micro$oft, ok explanations there.<BR>

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