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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I want to use queries i mean there is a database so what i want is depending on the start date and end date which user selects it should shows the relevant data from database for e.g. id the date is between 05/15/00 to 09/15/00 then it display all the records which falls into this category

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    I cannot work out what it is that you don&#039t know how to do, but I start with the basic SQL query:<BR><BR>Select * from YourTable where TargetDate between StartDate and EndDate<BR><BR>If you want more we can take it from there

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    SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Date Between #1-5-95# And #6-30-95#;<BR><BR>This should give u the list of all the records between the two dates mentioned. Hope this helps!!

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