Hi, <BR><BR>Same code was working, I mean a few days back suddenly, it doesnt get the cookie value in one of the page... what is the reason..???<BR><BR>I have used cookie in my application, but does not work in more than one page...where in I have tried to use the same code, that which I have in my other page which gets the value of cookie.<BR><BR>what is the reason..???<BR><BR>The page in which I get the cookie value is changepassword.asp.<BR>The page in which I donot get the cookie value is transaction.asp<BR><BR>I have Included the asp tags &#060;%response.buffer = true%&#062; on my login page, and the &#060;%response.flush%&#062; at the end of my login1.asp.<BR><BR>Please let me know what might be the possible reason.<BR><BR>my mail id is strive2000@hotmail.com