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    Atif Agha Guest

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    Hi.. <BR><BR>We make a long query string in our ASP page with parameters concatenated to it. <BR>What happens is when i make a query string and put it in forms action and then submit the form. some Junk appears in the address bar..like<BR><BR>www.----.com/asps/datpage.asp?param1=1¶m2=2¶m2=3<BR><BR>where as it should be like this..<BR><BR>www.----.com/asps/datpage.asp?param1=1&param2=2&param2=3<BR><BR>I have cheked the query string by using response.write adn, it shows the right string but when it appears in the address bar ,, it give errors.. <BR><BR>Your timely help would be highly appriciated.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>atifagha@engineer. com<BR>

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    Chrace Guest

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    Not really sure about this one, since what you wrote as "where as it should be like this.." is exactly the same as above on my monitor. But I presume you could take a look at the URLEncode function, it normally does the trick.

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    Chrace Guest

    Default Crossposting

    ..of course if I had seen that it was a crossposting, I wouldn&#039t have answered..

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    Although crossposting can be annoying, sometimes when a person is in deep need of an answer fast, this seems like a good idea. Most people know better, but for those that don&#039t cut them some slack.

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