&nbsp;<BR><BR>Hi <BR><BR>i need to include some more information in the header file .<BR>some information has already given here , the information like dbobjects ,stored prcedurec etc , what else can we add in this file , where can we get help for standard header files so that we can follow according to that<BR><BR><BR>thx in advance <BR><BR>here is the sample header file:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>REM ==============================================<BR> REM FILE NAME :CheckLogin.asp<BR>REM AUTHOR :Srini <BR>REM PURPOSE :Login Checking <BR>REM DATE CREATED:08/14/00<BR>REM LAST UPDATE :08/16/00<BR>REM COMMENT :<BR>REM MODIFIED BY:Srini<BR>REM LAST MODIFIED NOTES:added page header information<BR>REM DB OBJECTS: <BR>REM ==============================================<BR> %&#062;<BR>