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    Hope this isn&#039t too off topic...<BR><BR>I currently work in a web development department of two: Myself as the developer, and another who travels the company and gathers requirements. I come from a technical background and my partner has more of an "administrative" background.<BR>Our intranet serves about 150 people. Currently I have it set up with databases driving pretty much every facet of the site. Simple content can be added through forms and automatically posted. More in-depth content, and data-driven apps are developed and added by myself.<BR><BR>The only real thing we are lacking is searching capabilities. My partner is very gung ho on implementing MS Site Server for content management. I do like the fact that it will add "search" to our site, but I generally feel that it is more of a "Site Management For Dummies" piece of software. My partner says it will do great things with templates, content pushing, personalization, etc. But I can already do all of this with the code and design I have in place.<BR><BR>Can anyone lend an opinion on this? I&#039m just not sure it is worth the hassle of implementing, much less the cost. Am I missing some important pros and cons? <BR><BR>

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    Hi there , <BR>your partnet is completly right. Site Server has many powerful features such as indexing and searching different types of files (word, excel, html, power point.etc..) it generates a vocabulary for these files, and categoriezes them when indexing them. Other than the many features it has you could set crawlers that could get information from differnt sources.<BR>I think imlementing it is worth the hassle.

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    Read Site Server 3.0 Documentation and you will find that you could build a complete knowledge base solution for an Intranet or Extranet using this tool.

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    There are many Software applications that are solely for Content Management, with very high pricing, but, Site Server comes shipped with Windows NT option pack

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