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Thread: HTTP_REFFER sporatic failure-seeking insight

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    I have gone live with a site containing referer checks on many of the pages for security. However, I have recieved input from users that they are being redirected back to the registration page with cleared out form fields. I have been unable to recreate this error(IE5.5, IE5, IE4, NS4, NS4.73 on both &#039 98 and NT4) I have no specific environment details as to where this is occuring, so I was wondering if anyone might have some insight as to why/where/for what reason this might occur? Be it browser, browser setting, AOL, connection, firewall, etc. Or if you can recreate this error let me know <a href="></a> Thanks in advance. The Rev <>

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    It looks to me like you watch for errors onsubmit. Under what circumstances would a user get forced &#039back&#039 to the login page?

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    HTTP_REFERER is only set in certain situations and has nothing to do with the client configuration. Unfortunately I can&#039t remember when it is set, but play around with these scenarios:<BR><BR>* clicking on a link to the target page from within the same site<BR>* clicking on a link to the target page from another site<BR>* form submit<BR>* server side redirection<BR>* client side redirection<BR><BR>some of these may set it, some may not.

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