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    I have written a component that I think iscommercially viable at least as shareware does anyone know of any articles which give you a guide to how to go about setting up registration fees and then how do you get people a full version or one that doesnt nag etc How would you enable a full version after a user has entered a correct registration code - how do people pay for it? -ahhhhhhhhhhhh! - I thought writing the component would be the hard bit!<BR>Anyway there must be a good article somewhere - I have looked but not really found that much either that or if youve got time then maybe you have the answers<BR>peace ;)

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    even i have 2 components to market dude... No idea about the unlocking and locking component part of it. but i have a suggestion, when you make a build of your component(i mean when you package the component for a download) the packaging software helps you do that kinda stuff. InstallShield makes some world class quality software which has features similar to what you are looking for.. try it.. good luck.

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