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    I have a DB in which there are three rows. first one is the current Date, second one is the Dollar Amount and the third one is the number.<BR><BR>I want this DB to automatically update itself based on the current date. The update should be this way:<BR><BR>Yesterday&#039s date(09/24/00) Dollar Amount =$1000 and Number =500<BR>Today&#039s Date (09/25/00) DollarAmount = 1000+500(constant increment) and Number = 500 + 100(constant increment)<BR><BR>I want the number and the dollar amount to be incremented everyday by 100 and 500 respectively. So everyday when i open the DB i would see the daily updated version. and moreover the previous Date records would still be in the DB... How do I do it?? Please Help.

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    You will need to write an update script and use Task scheduler to run it each day

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