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    How do you clear session variables?<BR><BR>I want to create a button on a form that will clear all session variables. Does anyone know how to do this?

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    well if you only have a few variables you could just do<BR><BR>Session("Var1") = ""<BR>Session("Var2") = "" etc.<BR><BR>but also ending a session will get rid of all the variables. You have to be careful with this though depending on any special way you may be using the Session_OnEnd and Session_OnStart events in global.asa<BR><BR>...Session.Abandon<BR><BR>this kills all session objects, but is not applied until the server finishes processing the script, so<BR><BR>&#060;% Session.Abandon <BR> Response.write(Session("Var1")) %&#062;<BR><BR>would still give you the value of Var1<BR><BR>

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