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    Roy Motley Guest

    Default Control of HTML DOM with ASP

    This is a question that only requires a Yes/No responce(but any advice would be wonderfull. I really just need to know if I am going in the right direction.<BR>I have a HTML page that has 250 links. I would like this page to be customized depending on a user selection. The only change will be the color of the links(A blue link would mean that this link applied to this user selection(gray is default). Which links should turn blue would be controlled with an Access database(which has already been implemeted in ASP).<BR>Can I add ASP code to the existing HTML page that could dynamically change the properties of the HTML DOM?

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    Default How about adding css styles?

    you can use the "span" or even "div" to add a class to your link and thus change its properties based on css. Add your css at the beginning of your page and then go through your recordset and for every item write the appropriate class to it. For example the result form a field could be:<BR>...<BR>&#060;span class="BlueHighlight"&#062;&#060;a href="mylink.htm"&#062;&#060;/span&#062;<BR>&#060;span class="GreyHighlight"&#062;&#060;a href="otherlink.htm"&#062;&#060;/span&#062;<BR>...<BR><BR>I am assuming you know how to use css. If not, you can find many articles on this site on how to.<BR>

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    Default RE: Control of HTML DOM with ASP

    YO....I mean NES...I mean Yeno ....SNO<BR><BR>I dont&#039 know

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    Roy Motley Guest

    Default RE: How about adding css styles?

    I know how to change the attributes. What I need to know - can an existing DHTML page have ASP alter its DOM object&#039s attributes. I do not see a link between the DHTML DOM and ASP. I would like an existing page with 250 links to have an ASP script that would read the database(already done) and then change the attributes of the DHTML DOM objects(links) before the page is sent to the host.<BR><BR>I could do this with remote scripting but I would like to do everything on the server.

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