dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

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Thread: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

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    Thomas Gugler Guest

    Default dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

    the System:<BR>Machine1:Windows2000 Advanced server with IIS5<BR>Machine2:Windows2000 Advanced server with SQL7<BR>both are in the same Cluster...(sql and IIS is clustered)<BR><BR>our Problem:<BR>A website with just a lot hits (6.000.000 pageimpressions / Month) uses a lot of database access.<BR>The code is 100% sure correct<BR>(open connection, open recordet, read data, close recordset, set recordset=nothing, close connection, set connection=nothing)<BR>and the type of access is ADO.Connection.<BR><BR>The page is Medium Pooled, so inetinfo.exe and dllhost.exe are 2 different processes.<BR><BR>When i unload, load and start up the site:<BR>inetinfo.exe has about 15MB ram and<BR>dllhost.exe has the same memory usage.<BR><BR>sometimes, the dllhost.exe process uses up to 80% cpu-time...and inetinfo is still nearly idleing.<BR>after 1 minute dllhost.exe is also still normal (about 4% cpu usage)<BR><BR>In the performance-monitor i can see, that everything looks good, except dllhost.exe...<BR>it eats up memory.....from the beginnung 15MB, now, after 20hours running ist on 650MB !!!<BR>The graph is a linear growing chart!<BR><BR>Please, if anybody could help..that would be great.<BR>you should mail any solutions or hints to tg@immobilien.net,<BR>i could also mail you a screenshot of the performance-monitor or could tell you other not now announced information.<BR><BR>Thomas Gugler.<BR>(sorry for my bad englisch..;-)

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    Default RE: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

    Does the memory usage of dllhost.exe continue growing, or does it eventually level off? If it just keeps going then you&#039ve almost certainly got a memory leak somewhere. Check that you&#039re explicitly dropping all object references, not just ADO objects, including all objects used in your ASP scripts.<BR><BR>If that&#039s not it then I don&#039t know what...<BR><BR>Dunc

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    tg@immobilien.net Guest

    Default RE: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

    the memory usage is continue growing, depending on the traffic.<BR>(more hits, more pageimpressions, more memory)<BR><BR>i just checked all ASP pages,<BR>and i can tell you:<BR>every .open ends with a .close and set XXX=nothing....<BR><BR>

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    Jmax Guest

    Default RE: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

    Are you storing anything in an Application variable. If so make sure you have declared the variable(s) in global.asa. I have seen where IIS will Allocate additional memory for a variable each time it is referenced through out an app. If it was created within an .asp file. Also in your component are pulling back large recordsets?

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    Thomas Gugler Guest

    Default RE: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

    your answer is interesting, but doesn&#039t seem to work.<BR><BR>I removed all (really all) Application-Variables,<BR>but nothing changed.<BR><BR>The dllhost.exe usually uses 2-20% of CPU time, less then inetinfo.exe!...<BR>and the used memory is also growing.<BR><BR>If anybody is interested in this Problem, i can send you a screenshot of the performace-monitor which shows the Problem better.(mail to tg@immobilien.net)<BR><BR>thx for any help, or any try to help..;-)<BR>Thomas Gugler.

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    rene vd kooi Guest

    Default RE: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

    Did you install the SP1 for win2k?<BR>because we had such a problem here with the lsass.exe process.<BR>And M$ is still fixing the problem.<BR>I hink it was mentioned as a real bug.<BR><BR>Maybe the SP1 will fix it, else you need to try setting your pagehits to full pooled, and not medium pooled.<BR><BR>Let me know<BR>rene

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    Thomas Gugler Guest

    Default RE: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

    thx for your try....but we have already SP1 installed.

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    M. K. Kuderka Guest

    Default RE: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

    How did you solve your problem? A very similar thing happened this afternoon at work, and my boss is still at the office trying to fix the problem. All of a sudden, bing, all of our sites went down, with dllhost.exe eating up cpu. He&#039s thinking virus or hacker, or at least he was 5 hours ago. Curious as to how you solved your problem. Any help will be *greatly* appreciated.<BR><BR>MK<BR>

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    Stian B. Barmen Guest

    Default RE: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

    We also have the same problem now! Crazy stuff!!<BR><BR>Send me a mail at stian.barmen@it-akademiet.no if you know what to do. Or else I will need to go down and kick som MS butt! :-) <BR><BR>-stian

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    Kevin Guest

    Default RE: dllhost.exe eats up memory!!

    We are having this problem now as well. <BR><BR><BR>Does anyone have an answer to this yet? Thanks.

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