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    I have a form in HTML...I forward it to an ASP screen that previews the info...I now want to forward it again to another ASP screen that will email it to me...Can this be done? I have it set up, but the info is not getting forwarded the second time..(Can you tell I am sort of new? LOL) (It&#039s alomst like posting this message, how do I do it, but instead of posting a message, I want it emailed to me...)<BR><BR>TIA, Brandy<BR>

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    The simpliest solution is to find an email component, register it on your server and use it to handle email submissions. There is a really good one at called ASPMail and I think there is even a free one somewhere. Most decent ASP hosts have ASPMail installed and is free to use. If so go to that website and get the docs there are good examples in the docs on how to submit emails via ASP/VBScript.<BR><BR>I hope that answered you question if not I&#039m lost to what you need.<BR><BR>Good Luck.

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