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    Hi,<BR>When I try to run an ASP file I get a message to connect to the internet. When I connect to the internet the page is not available.I have these files in the correct root directories.<BR><BR>Any Help would be appreciated,<BR>Adam

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    My suggestion:<BR>try doing everything again, step by step:<BR><BR>1. start PWS-manager<BR>2. make virtual directory (advanced options)<BR>and map virtual directory to physical map (on C-drive)<BR>3. highlight HOME, Edit properties<BR>4. (optional) set directory browsing<BR>5. (or:) set default page<BR>6. switch to main<BR>7. click on hyperlink of "your homepage is available at...<BR>8. If you&#039re on an intranet, going through a firewall/...<BR>make sure your browser is set to NOT go through proxy-server.<BR>

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