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    I am beginning to design a database that will store historical stock price data. I will be tracking somewhere around 10,000 stocks. Each stock will have around 2500 records with 7 fields per record. A new record will be added each day. I guess my question is how to best manage this. Would I want 1 database with 10,000 tables? Break it up by having multiple databases?<BR>Would Access be able to handle this size OK, or would I need MS SQL?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I develop most all my applications with ACCESS but I think I would use SQL for your application, I don&#039t think You could create 10,000 table in ACCESS.<BR><BR>Never tried though :~)

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    Default u need 2 tables

    u need 2 tables.<BR>1. TableOfStocks<BR>2. TableOfValues<BR><BR>****<BR>TableOfStocks: for storing names of companies<BR>TableOfValues: for storing value of stocks<BR><BR>*****<BR>set one-to-many relations between TableOfStocks and TableOfValues.<BR><BR>*****<BR>probably, u should try MsSql, but MsAccess is not out of question.

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