Which .ASP webhost? (not-dedicated)

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Thread: Which .ASP webhost? (not-dedicated)

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    R.S.Paik Guest

    Default Which .ASP webhost? (not-dedicated)

    I have been hosting with Interland, I don&#039t like anymore. Who is the best .ASP/SQL friendly webhost? Anyone have an unbiased recommendation?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    HostLess Guest

    Default Free and not-so-free web hosts

    I dont have recommendations (I&#039m still searching for a host), but for the sake of having it all in one place, here&#039s what Ive found on this board and site for hosting options: <BR><BR>An article about finding an ASP home-<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/020100-1.shtml<BR><BR>The board mentions:<BR>interland.com, who youve grown tired of (would you mind sharing why?)<BR>innerhost.com--and unless you speak Spanish, dont accidentally type interhost.com! :)<BR><BR>Also, there&#039s a list of free ASP hosts at http://www.aspcode.net/freeasphost/freeasphost.asp<BR><BR>Hope this helps a bit...

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    HostLess Guest

    Default RE: Which .ASP webhost? (not-dedicated)

    That article was for freebie hosting. Theres an article on pay hosting at http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/hosts.shtml

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    R.S. Paik Guest

    Default RE: Which .ASP webhost? (not-dedicated)

    Just in the time since my initial post I have found some very interesting information.<BR><BR>1. The reason I didn&#039t want to go with a dedicated host is, sure I can get the dedicated machine and bandwidth for a semi-reasonable price, but adding SQL server to make the whole thing run is a bloody fortune (some places charge in the range of $1,500 a month just for the option).<BR><BR>To answer this kind of situation you can call Concentric, evidently a very high ranking host, and ask them to setup a dedicated server. This server won&#039t come with SQL but I asked them if I could have the dedicated server setup and then buy a chunk of an SQL server (100mb) for my databases... no problem they say, as a matter of fact they offer to throw it in free! (You can&#039t find this info on their website, you have to call, but I am impressed with their flexibility)<BR><BR>2. I found a site called "hostindex.com" which evidently provides pretty weighty reviews on hosts, they recommend highly Media3.net, which I checked out and they seem to have some good offers.<BR><BR>3. My concern with Interland is also my immediate concern with every other shared hosting provider, though more so with Interland, and that is reliability. Interland seems to provide lots of speed, but never comes through just when I need it. Furthermore, they have a very lazy policy of updating their systems. My newer plans aren&#039t so bad, but some of my early sites are just bogged down and annoying glitches I have asked to be fixed for at least a year still aren&#039t working... like Webtrends reporting @#$%@.<BR><BR>Anyhow, I am now looking into your suggestions. Thanks for your suggestions and time.<BR><BR>R.S. Paik<BR>

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