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    Tell me how declare procedures in asp page how to execute the same.<BR>Also like to know how we can decalre procedures in MS ACCESS.

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    I don&#039t quite understand your question. Are you talking about Functions and Sub? If so it is pretty simple in both ASP(VBScript) and Access 2000(VBA). VBA allows you to limit the scope to a specific variable type. Here are two examples one for VBScript and the other for VBA.<BR><BR>&#039VBSCRIPT::::::::::::::::<BR>Publi c Function LeftRev(strValue, intLength)<BR>&#039 Given a value and length this function<BR>&#039 will return the value minus n text on right<BR> LeftRev = Mid(strValue,1,(Len(strValue)-intLength))<BR>End Function<BR><BR>&#039VBA:::::::::::::::::::::<BR>P ublic Function LeftRev(strValue As Variant, intLengh As Interger) As Variant<BR>LeftRev = Mid(strValue,1,(Len(strValue)-intLength))<BR>End Public<BR><BR>I hope this is of some help otherwise I just had fun writing some more code!<BR>:=CodeMonkey

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    Default Correction for 2nd Function

    Correction from last post. I type "Interger" instead of "Integer"<BR><BR>&#039VBA:::::::::::::::::::::<BR> Public Function LeftRev(strValue As Variant, intLengh As Integer) As Variant<BR>LeftRev = Mid(strValue,1,(Len(strValue)-intLength))<BR>End Public

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