DRIVER={SYBASE}..What is the syntax???

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Thread: DRIVER={SYBASE}..What is the syntax???

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    Default DRIVER={SYBASE}..What is the syntax???

    Hello,<BR>I have seen many people make a connection to Access Database and not to Sybase. I am using Sybase and need to know the Syntax to set the DRIVER. An example which I have seen for Access is<BR><BR>Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>DSNtemp ="DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb)};"<BR>&#039and they even went as far as setting the path<BR>DSNtemp=dsntemp & "DBQ=g:pathdatabase.mdb"<BR><BR>How would I replace the DRIVER line to read SYBASE? I am getting data from my database without specifying the driver and it is working fine. However, I am getting an "ERROR...&#039 80004005&#039 since I upload the files to another server. Thanks

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    Default RE: DRIVER={SYBASE}..What is the syntax???

    You can do it 2 ways.<BR><BR>Create a System DSN and use that:<BR>oDB.ConnectionString = "DSN=MYDSN;DB=dbname;UID=joe;PWD=pwd"<BR><BR>U se a direct connection:<BR>oDB.ConnectionString <BR>&nbsp&nbsp= "SRVR=SERVER_NAME;DB=dbname;UID=joe;PWD=pwd;DRIVER ={Sybase System 11};DSN=&#039&#039;"<BR>Note the empty DSN.<BR><BR>Hope it helps.

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