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    Any and all online information on triggers & stored procs please.<BR>I&#039m learning this stuff so any information give you a BIG thank you.<BR><BR>Big thank you :)

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    Try I think that is where I found some good articles about triggers. If not try or<BR><BR>Triggers have are harder to understand that a simple Stored Proc. As soon as you figure out Stored Procs you will be hooked.<BR><BR>Any specific questions please reply in this forum. The following is a really simple stored procedure. If you have Access 2000 or SQL Enterprise Manager create a stored procedure and insert the following. When you run it a prompt will ask you for the a table name.<BR><BR>CREATE STOREDPROCEDURE ShowAll<BR>(<BR> @strTable nvarchar(30)<BR>)<BR><BR><BR>SELECT *<BR>FROM @strTable<BR><BR>

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    Thanks!<BR>I&#039ve created a stored proc and I&#039m going to build more. I wanted to learn more about triggers and I&#039ll check out the site you said<BR>

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