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    I read an article which says you can create database and tables with following code.<BR><BR>CREATE DATABASE database_name;<BR>CREATE TABLE table_name <BR>(<BR>field1 varchar,<BR>field2 varchar,<BR>field3 varchar,<BR>);<BR><BR>How I get this to work with ASP please?

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    Default Create Table Syntax

    1) There is no official "Create Database" syntax. SQL Server 7 has some nifty features to it -- especially for COM programmers -- but I&#039ve not actually gotten around to using them. Poke around the serious SQL sites (and MSDN) for more info.<BR><BR>2) Create Table syntax (SQL-92) is as follows:<BR><BR>create table &#060;table name&#062; (table element list)<BR><BR>Not very useful, right? That&#039s because you can do far too much with a table to describe in a nice concise specification. Check out this example and see if it helps...<BR><BR>create table foo (<BR> objID integer identity(1, 1),<BR> sName varChar(80) not null,<BR> iRef integer not null,<BR> iClass integer default 10,<BR> iFoo integer unique,<BR> dMod datetime not null,<BR> sComment varChar(1000) null,<BR> primary key (objID),<BR> foreign key iRef references bar(objID)<BR> )<BR><BR>That gives you a table with an autonumbering primary key and a wide variety of constraints across it. Furthermore it references out to another table with a foreign key. <BR><BR>Hope it helps.

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