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    I do know how to pass variables many ways, using submit, and href. My problem now is passing variables without user interaction on that page. For example... on page1.asp I have a form. It gets submitted, and goes to page2.asp where the data gets entered into the database. I have moved all values into hidden text boxes on page2.asp I need to redirect to page3.asp and pass along the variables from the hidden fields. It works if I put response.redirect "page3.asp?UserID=2" but if I replace the number with the variable, eg response.redirect "page3.asp?UserID=<%=ID%>" it doesn&#039t work anymore. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    allyeric Guest

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    nevermind ... I just put all code from page2 on page3 .. duhh lol

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    you have to pass in this way...<BR>response.redirect "page3.asp?UserID=" & ID & "&UsrNm=" & UsrName<BR><BR>i think this should work.<BR>let me know.

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    thanks for replying .. I realized also what I had forgotten (must be Friday!) It works fine now .. thanks

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