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    I built a website database, which can add/delete/view records with ASP. Everything works 120% fine. I uploaded to my hosting services and when I try to run the insert.asp file ( which writes data to the database ) the browser gives me this error :<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005)<BR>Operation must use an updateable query.<BR>/reefportal/insert.asp, line 54<BR><BR>Whats happening ?<BR><BR>line 54 of the asp is :<BR><BR>Set objRS = objConn.Execute(SQLQuery) <BR><BR>before it have a INSERT INTO xxx query. The asp works fine on my computer. Can anyone help me out ?

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    More than likely the permissions aren&#039t set up as expected.<BR><BR>http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q175/1/68.ASP

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