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    FUNCTION MyWrap(WrapString,w)<BR> length = len(WrapString)<BR> NewWrapString = ""<BR> length = length - w<BR> while length &#062; 0<BR> NewWrapString = NewWrapString & Left(WrapString, w) & "<BR>"<BR> WrapString = Right(WrapString, length)<BR> length = length - w<BR> wend<BR> MyWrap = NewWrapString <BR>END FUNCTION<BR><BR>I cant figger it out it wont out put the string <BR>so what it suppost to do is cut the line after so many Cols <BR>and the move it down a line but its not out putting anything

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    What does WrapString contain before it gets there? What does w contain? Use response.write to get the values of these BEFORE you call your function.<BR><BR>You need to supply more information in order to troubleshoot this.

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