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    I&#039m getting an unspecified error when my asp page tries to open the database. Basically I have the form page, which pulls information from the database. When I hit submit, I get this unspecified error from the line of code where it&#039s trying to open the database for the query. <BR><BR>I have double and triple checked to make sure my code closes out the database on the form page. What&#039s the problem and how can i fix it?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Maybe post your asp code so we can have a look.<BR><BR>Other things to check: <BR>Hopefully you have the latest database drivers installed and the proper MDAC version. You could do a quickie VB app, if you have the rest of &#039Studio installed, and try your ADO logic there. It would work pretty much as is. I like to substitute debug.print for response.write and debug the database problems there first. There&#039s a much better debugging environment. <BR><BR>In my opinion the poor debugging environment for ASP coding causes a lot of the confusion you see on this board. You can avoid that by developing the non-visual functions in VB first.

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