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    I generally seem to have little problem using SQL statements that pull from one table. But when I try to use more than one table the results are often unpredicatable (I&#039ve no particular examples in mind). So I try to steer clear of multiple tables if at all possible.<BR><BR>Is this sensible or should I be trying to overcome my fear?

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    You need to overcome that. My guess is you need to be enlightened as to WHY, which is a book in and of itself.<BR><BR>Read this:<BR>http://www.aspwatch.com/c/200026/d5F09C5D14B8911D4AEE900A0C9E95208.asp<BR><BR>and there are many other articles out there on 3NF/database design. It&#039s good practice to do so for many reasons (data redundancy, integrity, ...).<BR><BR>Good Luck.

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    Sure, steer clear of multiple tables if possible. But, in larger data warehouses, relational databases are broken down into more than just one table. You may have to find a customer&#039s order number, and the next day his address. These, more than likely (hopefully) will not be in the same table.<BR><BR>SQL Books Online, IMO, suck for the beginner. I&#039m not an expert, and even I hate drudging through them.<BR><BR>A nice link:<BR><BR>Go to the toolbar on your left, and click SQL Internet Resource. Much nicer.

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