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Thread: ASP service appears to hang overnight

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    Tony Tullio Guest

    Default ASP service appears to hang overnight

    Hello <BR><BR>My ASP service appears to shut down overnight. It is not a high traffic server, Netfinity running IIS5 advanced server with a odbc connection to a Access2000 mdb (repaired several times). Not alot of traffic.(still testing) <BR><BR>This is happening almost every night?<BR>When It works - it works fine and then in the morning the asp pages stop responding(time-out).<BR><BR>It only affects asp pages on this site no matter which<BR>database the connection is with (I have two database connections for this web)<BR>I created a subweb and made a connection to the same odbc source on the server and it works fine? <BR><BR> (asp doesn&#039t work)<BR><BR>or the subweb (same connection does work)<BR><BR><BR>I cant even attribute it to any specific task that makes this<BR>happen, every morning I have to request my host to restart the server.<BR><BR>It seems that other sites with ASP scripts on the same server<BR>still works fine.<BR><BR>The only thing that gets it going is a server restart.<BR><BR>Any input in avoiding this is really appreciated.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Tony

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    SPG Guest

    Default Things To Try...

    1) Does your server event log have any useful information in it? I often find that mine is filled with useful information about what went wrong -- it just never announces itself.<BR><BR>2) Do you grab information from another website? I found that the msinet.ocx would effectively freeze my web server at random... Microsoft has said that it&#039s supposed to be for client-side work only.<BR><BR>3) Does site indexing happen overnight? (Is the site indexed?) I saw an old NT 4 machine last year which decided that it should be indexed -- and proceded to devote the entire CPU to indexing the site, user input be damned. If indexing is on, you may want to turn it off for a night. If it&#039s not locking up directly, it may be forcing a bad call which is freezing your system.<BR><BR>Hope one or more of these help,<BR>SPG

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    Default Same problem - ASP service appears to hang after s

    I am also facing the same problem.<BR>We are accessign a oracle databse from our asp pages using odbc.<BR>I get to see the data properly for the first couple of hits. After that the asp pages stops responding. I can see my HTML pages with out any problem.<BR><BR>Any solution ?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Srik.<BR><BR>

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    Tony Guest

    Default RE: Same problem - ASP service appears to hang aft

    Does it hang all asp on the server or just in your web?<BR><BR>If it hangs asp on the server then I was told this can be caused by:<BR><BR>1) Poor scripting<BR>2) Too many simultaneous connections.<BR>3) Connections not closing properly.<BR>4) Not enough server memory.<BR><BR>If its just on your web than it would probably be odbc failing. This can be caused by a corrupt db or a problem with the global.asa<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>

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