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    mainak Guest

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    i have input textbox. i want that text box entry only be number.<BR>if user press any cahracter text box will refresh & again<BR>selected<BR>if any body help me i wil be thankful<BR>

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    msdn copy Guest

    Default look into javascript events like

    onkeypress<BR><BR>Description<BR><BR>Fires when a user presses a key. <BR><BR>Return Value<BR><BR>Returns a number specifying the Unicode value of the key that was pressed. <BR><BR>Remarks<BR><BR>The return value can be used to override the keycode value. This event will bubble. Events that bubble can be handled on any parent element of the object that fired the event. <BR><BR>To cancel the keystroke, use the following code in the onkeypress event: <BR><BR>event.returnValue=false;<BR><BR>

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