How do you use Access 2000 software as a front-end connection to a REMOTE SQL 7.0 database?<BR><BR>I can view the tables, even make data structure changes that save. But whenever I try to edit/delete data I get a readonly access message in the status-bar.<BR><BR>This company does not own Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise, and I doubt they are going to fork out the money to get it. Will SQL Anywhere software solve my problem? I have not tried it before..<BR><BR>Thanks for any tips or specifics..<BR><BR>After much research yesterday, I see there is a new book being released in September 2000 by WROX Press that covers just this very topic!! I am very excited about this, alas all of the major book websites do not have it in stock and for sure do not have it marked down the usual 20-30%.<BR><BR>The book is called Professional SQL Server Development with Access 2000 ISBN# 1-861004-83-4 Author: Rick Dobson<BR>