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    johny Guest

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    when a user clicks on a link i want a 2nd browser window to appear, ... i want that window to stay open and do a dll<BR>call and then disappear ... but really i want either<BR> a) the 2nd browser window to stay hidden for the short<BR> period that it is open or<BR> b) for it to be placed behind the origonal browser so no-one<BR> knows about it .... so that it just stays my little secret<BR><BR>any clues ... respect in advance<BR>

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    Simhan Guest

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    You cannot hide the window or push it backward or something like that. But you can have a hidden frame in the main window itself and load the dll in that hidden frame and pass the results to the other frame.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>-- simhan@3rdagenda.com

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    Presumably you can open a new window of any size, so why not make it 1x1 pixel, with no toolbars, scrollbars, etc?

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