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    galfrommines Guest

    Default fpdbform.inc file

    Please explain what this error message means? I get it quite often because I use two different machines for the web development. <BR><BR>Active Server Pages error &#039ASP 0126&#039 <BR><BR>Include file not found <BR><BR>/myweb2/latestrli/BatchEntry.asp, line 81 <BR><BR>The include file &#039../../../../../_fpclass/fpdbform.inc&#039 was not found. <BR>

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    Default just what it says!

    You have the fpdbform.inc file as an include file on your pages but it cannot find them on one of your servers. Have you checked FrontPage extensions on the server which gives the error?

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    galfrommines Guest

    Default RE: just what it says!

    I guess I didn&#039t state my question properly, because it is obvious what the message means.<BR>However, I don&#039t know where the fp_class directory is. I think it&#039s on of those virtual directories, but how do you check them?<BR>I have had this message often and I just recreate the page, but it has gotten old, so I&#039d like to understand what it means and how I can fix it if possible.<BR>Some background: I developing on a Windows 98 machine with PWS and posting to a Windows NT4 with IIS4 intranet. I&#039ve noticed that the problem usually occurs when I have worked on a page on either system and then take it to the other for more work.<BR>

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    MickX Guest

    Default RE: just what it says!

    Presumably it&#039s looking for the file on the path &#039../../../../../_fpclass/fpdbform.inc&#039 because you put it there (?). Why not put fpdbform.inc in the application root and call it with &#060;!--include virtual="/fpdbform.inc"--&#062;

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    galfrommines Guest

    Default RE: just what it says!

    No, actually I didn&#039t. I&#039m using frontpage in combination with ASP and the database results wizard may have created it on one system and then when I go to the other system, it&#039s not there?<BR>How do I find this virtual directory on the system?

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