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    It must be possible to allow multiple entries in a form and then after submitting them write them all to the database.<BR>I&#039m thinking that it may be possible to have the form in a loop and update the form field name as you go, i.e somethin like:<BR>name1, name2, name3 etc. The "name" portion of the field name is fixed and as you loop you add the number (there would be a counter).<BR><BR>When the user has stopped inputting the information (by clicking the submit button) then there would have to be a loop on the results page as well to update the database.<BR><BR>Question is: how do you do it? Can anyone help?<BR>Thanks

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    yes, this is possible. for example.<BR><BR>for j = 1 to selectname.count<BR> &#039---do your insertion here...note this is just pseudo syntax<BR> SQL = "INSERT INTO....WHERE fieldwhatever =" & selectname(j)<BR>next

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    You&#039ve addressed the writing to the database, but how would you do the part where you need to generate an array for the input fields on the form. I guess this is what would be the selectname.count. how is the object created? Also, this is an update to existing records not for writing new ones.

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