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    Vinu Guest

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    hey i want to create text file at client when pressing a button. I&#039m able to generate it using filesystemobject at my iis. Can u help in getting this solution. Its very very urgent.

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    Chrace Guest

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    You cannot create it directly at the client.<BR><BR>You need to create it server-side, then make the client download it.

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    You can not create it client-side via ASP. Think of the security risk in a more general sense this would be if this was allowable. <BR><BR>You can either create the file server-side and have the user download it (like Chrace mentioned)...OR you could do some more complex (as in more steps) stuff, for instance have the user download some kind of file (a WSH script) for them to run on their client to create file themselves and then use an Upload utility (ie., ASPUpload,..) to upload it to the server.<BR><BR><BR>Good Luck.

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    just a thought Guest

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    what if you create the file server side, attach it to an email??

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    Larrry Guest

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    that assumes the end user has email. although i agree its not the stone ages anymore...and everyone should/have an email account in this new millenium; i know, unfortunately, our temp help here (who does ALL our data entry) aren&#039t allowed to have email accounts.<BR><BR>just a thought.

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