I&#039ve posted and received responses to this question before, and have not been able to follow up due to Hurricane Floyd.<BR><BR>I&#039m getting an error when I open a DSN-less connection to a database, perform an SQL select from an Access &#039 97 table on the provider&#039s server. The error appears after the data listing.<BR><BR>I am aware that it is important that I close the connection and set it to nothing and this is in the code after processing of the data to display it in a table. Nevertheless, I get an error relating to my "connection.Close" statement.<BR><BR>I&#039ve already received response that it doesn&#039t matter that the connection is a DSN-less type. What I don&#039t understand is why the error is generated only when I include code to close the connection.<BR><BR>Any help is welcome.<BR><BR>Frank