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    Lynn Maharet Guest

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    Hi all..<BR><BR>This is pretty major to me and this is the last component for me<BR>to complete my project .. so pleeezzz help me..<BR><BR>I have to display a record info in a table..<BR>The are buttons back and forward..<BR>Back will display the previous record and forward will display the next record..Roughly how do I accomplish this..the steps maybe..Thanks so much....!! ;) <BR>

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    Default and database lessons...

    That&#039s one source of good material on the process.<BR><BR>I am almost sure there are a couple of articles here on the 4GuysFromRolla site. And don&#039t forget, as well!<BR><BR><BR>Almost forgot! I have my own demo of a way to do it:<BR><BR> and, I think, the last demo on that page. It probably does more than you want, but you can yank out a *lot* of the extraneous code.<BR><BR>

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    Lynn Maharet Guest

    Default Bill...I'm confused..

    Hi Bill..<BR> I&#039ve looked into the NEWBIE website but i&#039m totally..CONFUSED!..<BR>Tried searching the 4guysFromRolla site...found nothin relevant <BR>or is it me..i dun noe..maybe i searched wrongly..

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    Chrace Guest

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    I posted the code here a couple of days back. Just go back a few days and search for my name on the pages.

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    Lynn Maharet Guest

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    To chrace: Ya I do have ur code with me but I&#039m still vague..<BR>Do I submit to the same page or to a different one..<BR>What I understand is that..<BR><BR>page1 opens the recordset..display the first record in table format to page2..<BR><BR>then in page2 there are the back and next buttons..when clicked on either one will go back to page1..but won&#039t it go back to the first record when it reloads?<BR>Pls adv...thanks very much

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    Chrace Guest

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    Just posted some code under "breaking of recordset into different asp pages" higher in this days questions<BR><BR>If still a problem, lemme know. :)

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    Lynn Maharet Guest

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    May i know what iIndex = Request("index")<BR><BR>what is index..? ;)

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    c-j-d Guest

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    You set up your recordset as usual, then use ors.PageSize to find out how many records you have, then you can use ADO to scroll through the records. They have an example on this site somewhere, if you want to search for anything search for &#039paging&#039 and take a look @ too. Good luck with your project.

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