Hello friends,<BR><BR>I have an emergency situation and need some ideas. <BR><BR>I have a Netscape web server running on Solaris machine. We wanted to store the data in Access database and since MS access doesn&#039t run on Solaris machine we wanted to put the access database on a NT box on a separate machine. Can the web pages be running on Solaris machine and database on NT box? <BR>How can I connect to the access database which is on NT box?<BR>I mean I don&#039t know the connection string.<BR><BR>I have done ASP Projects where the database (SQL server) and IIS server (web pages) run on the same NT machine. <BR>The following is the code which I used to connect to the database. But in the new scenario, I don&#039t know how the connect to the database which is on NT machine. <BR><BR>Could someone suggest me please.<BR><BR>Thank you <BR>nath<BR><BR>set conn = server.createobject ("adodb.connection")<BR>application("strConnection ") = "driver={SQL<BR>Server};uid=" & Request.Form("UserID") & ";pwd=" & Request.Form("Password") & ";DATABASE=" & Application("DATABASE") & ";" & Application("SERVER")<BR>conn.Open application("strConnection")<BR>