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Thread: Graphics in custom error pages for IIS5.0

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    Darren D. Guest

    Default Graphics in custom error pages for IIS5.0

    Hey I was setting up some custom error pages for my server - these will be used by all of the other users I have given accounts to (unless they specifically want to change them).<BR><BR>Anyway, I backed up the default error pages in C:winnthelpiishelpcommon and simply replaced them with the error pages I wanted (this was the easy way out I realize).<BR><BR>I have a few graphics and a style sheet that are referenced in these new error pages but, obviously, even though I left them in the same directory as the error page they aren&#039t coming through because they are trying to be pulled from whatever host header name you are on - how can I go about fixing this so that no matter what virtual site that you pull an error page from, it grabs the same graphics from a central area?<BR><BR>Thanks, D

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    Ryan S Guest

    Default RE: Graphics in custom error pages for IIS5.0

    Darren,<BR><BR> One option is to simply redirect the user to a centralized page on a centralized server. As you&#039ll note, the three types of custom errors are:<BR><BR> Default<BR> File<BR> URL<BR><BR> Simply have your &#039root&#039 site with the error files in a document. Example, if you have<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR> As three hosts, hosted by company, you simply set the aforementioned three hosts custom error pages to point to a virtual directory you create on ay3host. Specifically,<BR><BR><BR><BR> Or you could even have it as an ASP file, to offer the ability to track and debug your errors, say sticking the pertaint information from the ASPError object (If you are on 2K), or the Request.ServerVariables stream on NT4.<BR><BR>God bless<BR> Ryan S

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