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    Situation is fairly straightforward -- I&#039ve got a development box, a testing server, and then the live server. In order to get accurate replication from Testing to Live, I use the VB 6 "Package and Deployment Wizard" on my projects to get them out of my development box. A typical project includes ADO 2.5 and VBScript RegExp 5.5 (but it can&#039t include that, since it&#039s not really a file), as well as the other normal COM+ ASP libraries.<BR><BR>When I go to install this on one of my servers, Windows informs me that some system files are "Out of Date" and that it needs to update them -- and REBOOT! -- before I can install the package. <BR><BR>I rather suspect that it&#039s choking on one of the libraries, but if somebody chould shed some light on this (and/or a workaround), I&#039d greatly appreciate it.<BR><BR>SPG

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    1) If you&#039ve upgraded to Win2K SP1, copy all of the .dlls you see in the packaging wizard&#039s directory from \winntsystem32 into that directory. The version has changed.<BR><BR>2) Follow these 4 steps:<BR> - Restart the web service (releases any file locks)<BR> - Uninstall app (unregisters .dll)<BR> - Delete DLL.<BR> - Reinstall.<BR><BR>Completely mindboggling...

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