I wrote a program that will update the contents of a FoxPro table based on the contents of a SQL Server table (whenever there is an insert on the SQL Server table). I wanted to do this with a trigger (insert into the Foxpro table by using linked server) but the Foxpro ODBC driver wasn&#039t capable of handling distributed transactions. So i put the functionality into an exe. I then created a job in SQL Server that will run the exe. On the insert trigger i user the sp_start_job sproc to start the job that runs the exe. The exe hadles the inserting into the Foxpro table quite well. If I enter a record into the table from enterprise manager, the trigger runs fine as does the job and the exe. But the issue is, the software (which we did not write) that creates all of this data (this is where the users enter records), when it inserts the record, the trigger runs fine, but the job doesn&#039t execute. I don&#039t get any errors, but the program behaves differently than if I don&#039t have the trigger run the job. Sorry this is so lengthy, I have been racking my brain on this for a few days and I am getting frustrated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<BR>Tahnk you