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Thread: Ask again, Netscape loop problem

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    I posted this yesterday, but received no response, but hope springs eternal:<BR>Having a problem with a Do...While loop pulling data from Access. It runs perfectly in Explorer (5.0), but only displays the last record in Netscape (4.7).<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Michael

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Show the code

    You probably didn&#039t get a response because you didn&#039t post an example. If you&#039re using ASP, it doesn&#039t matter what browser you using in a loop. Show us your code, and we can help.

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    What do you expect us to do unless youpost some code here. Normally server side script works irrespective or the browser and i say "normally" but i dont know why.<BR><BR>PLEASE post some code

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    Asphead Guest

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    Without code, its hard to tell, but I would bet that with the dynamic scripting , you have generated non-standard html (IE is more forgiving that Netscape in that area). Take a look at the HTML sent to the client, make sure your table, td&#039s, tr&#039s, form tags, etc. are open/closed correctly.<BR><BR>If you have a really complicated HTML generated (tables in tables, colspans, etc), or you are not great with writing HTML you may want to save the HTML output to a file then run an HTML Validator program (HTMLValidate, is one) and follow its instructions as to what is wrong.

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    Default Oh, so you take a break while we're slaving

    away at your problems...<BR><BR>j/k ;)<BR><BR>

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