Which Objects need to be referenced ?

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Thread: Which Objects need to be referenced ?

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    Default Which Objects need to be referenced ?

    Thanks for your reply. It works the way you mentioned.<BR><BR>But I wondering which objects need to be referenced from Visual Interdev Menu "Project-&#062;Project References.."? I was thinking whether it is the same as in VB.

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    Matiur,<BR><BR>Since it is already registered on your web server machine it does not need to be referenced in your project, but it can be. The only reason you reference objects in your project is so you have their type library exposed. This enables Visual Studio to display the list of methods and properties for an object as you type, just like VB does. So it is helpful to reference objects to have access to the type library, but it is not necessary like it is in VB.<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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