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    New! Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I am a new ASP learner. I created the first ASP page with a dropdown list box. When a user selects one item, it retrieves the data from database and displays it in the second asp page. On the second asp, I have a linked item from the database which is a memo data type. My problem is, how can I create a third page that will retrieve the same data from second page and displays the contents from the memo field. Is it too confusing? Let me know, I can write some code.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Post your code.<BR><BR>I&#039m not understanding why you would need the same data on the other page. If it&#039s a lot of data, query the db again. If it&#039s not, use a cookie.<BR><BR>What are you trying to do?

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    First of all thanks for replying. Let me explain in details.<BR>First ASP : Ask user to select one item from list box. The item descriptions are retrieve from the database table.<BR><BR>Second ASP: It displays the corresponding <BR>Department Name:<BR>College Name:<BR>Faculty name:<BR>Comment field is a memo data type and it should be linked to third ASP page.<BR><BR>Third ASP page:<BR>College Name(Same as Second page)<BR>Department Name(Same as Second page)<BR>Faculty Name(Same as Second page)<BR>Contents of Comment field should displays here. The comment field has either a word document or a plain html text.<BR><BR>Is it clear now?<BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Not really

    Ok, you can pass the department name, college name, and faculty name through a form, and have the redisplay on the 3rd page without querying for them again. It would be a waste to do so.<BR><BR>I&#039m not sure what you mean "The comment field has either a word document or a plain html text" in you comment field. Is the user clicking on something in the 2nd page comment field, and the third page displays results or something?

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    New! Guest

    Default RE: Not really

    You got it right. When the user clicks on the second page, it will display on the third page.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot!!

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    You got it right. When the user clicks on the second page, it will display on the third page.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot!!

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Pretend I don't know what you're talking a

    Cause I don&#039t. I don&#039t want to give you bad advice, so I want to be clear on what you&#039re asking.<BR><BR>"When the user clicks on the second page, it.."<BR><BR>What is it? <BR><BR> This is what I see. You have a list of the colleges. Perhaps there is a course you want to look further at, which is being displayed from a database. When you click on the course from the 2nd page, the course description appears on the third page?

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    Default Sorry to interject

    I think what she is saying is that she wants to display some info on the 2nd page and when they click on "it" - what ever the it is - the user will be taken to teh next page and all the relative info is stored. <BR><BR>Since she will anyway be quesying the DB again she might as well only pass the Id and retrieve all that she needs from the Db instead of passing the values. <BR><BR>And all this is ONLY if i understood that question right

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default By all means

    You&#039re one up on me. I&#039m not sure on what she&#039s asking.<BR><BR>BTW-- How do you know the sex of the poster?<BR><BR>Well, new!, is this what you&#039re asking?

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    Default Sorry to interject

    Thanks a lot for the help. I figure it out now how to do it.<BR>Have a nice day:-)

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