Hi,<BR><BR>I have three pages.<BR><BR>In the start up page i will select some value(ITEM_ID) from the combo box. It will take me to the next page. And based on<BR>the value i selected it will display the results. In the displayed page i have lot of urls is there. <BR><BR>If i click any one of this url i will get the third page. The third page results will also dispalye dbased on the<BR>Item_ID value.I am diplaying this ITEM_ID in the third page also.In the third page i have one back button. If <BR>i click that button it as to come to the second page and it as to bring that ITEM_ID value. <BR><BR>Every thing is working fine. 1==&#062;2 ==&#062; 3 . But when i come from the third page to the second page it not passing <BR>Item_ID. thats why spaces are going in to the Item_id in the SQL. So my second page is not dispaying. <BR><BR>strQuery = "select DISTINCT Activity_type,Sold_Sum,IN_WORK_SUM, Item_Id,<BR>AWAITING_SUM,BEHIND_SUM,DER_START_DATE ,NEXT_DATE,COMP_DATETIME <BR>from act_type_sum2 where serial like &#039"& strSerial &"%&#039 order by Activity_type"<BR><BR>Here the strSerial value i am getting from the combo box from the first page.<BR><BR><BR>this is the button i am using in the third page.<BR><BR>&#060;td align="right"&#062;<BR> &#060;input type="button" value="&#060;&#060; Main Page" onClick="javascript:window.location.href=&#039Seri alfinish.asp?------"&#062;<BR>&#060;/td&#062; <BR><BR>"----" How can i pass the value.<BR><BR>Suppose if i pass &#03900-0725&#039 value form the 1 st screen. it will display the 2 screen. <BR>If i click the any URL in the 2 page it will go to the 3 page.<BR>If i click the button in the third page i have to pass this same item_id value to the 2 page.<BR>So that i can use that value in the SQL.<BR><BR><BR>Can some one tell me how i can pass back these item ID to the Second page.<BR><BR><BR>Have a nice time,<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Uday.<BR>