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    Er, hi. Anyone who visits the asp forum at pageresource has probably seen this one, but I thought I&#039d try here to. So here goes:<BR><BR>My ultimate aim is a DHTML version of Geiss for Winamp. (ie: pretty shapes that do stuff in time to music.) Thus far the plan is that if I can BinaryRead (using my limited asp skills) a midi file (or even a mp3 or wav), I can use some sort of api to make various chunks of data available for scripting with. The troubles I&#039m having (or anticipating) is that:<BR>1. I haven&#039t successfully "read" a midi file via asp. Does anyone know what I&#039m actually likely to see when (if) I do?<BR>2. I&#039ve only a vague idea what an api actually is, let alone how I find / write one, or use in a web page. Can anyone point me somewhere useful?<BR>3. Assuming I can do both of the above, I see no way to accurately synchronise playing the file with the scriting. Does anyone have any ideas?<BR>4. I suffer greatly from an over-zealous and over-ambitious imagination, and frequently come up with daft ideas that will never get off the ground. Can anyone reccommend a good therapist?<BR><BR>Thanks for the time.<BR><BR>WillyBanjo.

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    If I had a nickel for every time I&#039ve seen someone wanting to do Geiss in DHTML I&#039d have, well, a nickel.<BR><BR>Answers:<BR><BR>1) Why not try it and see? OK, seriously, the MIDI file format is WELL documented. Look for it using your favorite search engine.<BR>2) You can use the STREAM object of ADO 2.5+ to read your binary data. You can also use GETCHUNK methodology, if you wish.<BR>3/4) I applaud these types of ideas. I think it&#039s great. However, I think you are trying to use the absolute worst tools to accomplish what you want. I&#039m afraid you will be disappointed with the results if you try to do this with DHTML and ASP. Do you know any C/C++? This would best be accomplished as a plugin. I would NOT recommend Java for this task, either. It simply cannot keep up with what you need (speed-wise).<BR><BR>Just my opinion.

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