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    I&#039m in charge of our search engine positioning and our programmer is redesigning our website into ASP pages. Does anyone know how search engines treat ASP pages? Will search engines index them? Will they read META tags? Is there anything I should be aware of and is there anywhere I should go for more info on this subject? <BR><BR>Thanks!

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    First of all, different search engines index and collect documents in different ways. But yes ASP files will (in most cases) be indexed by search engines and when a web crawl is done it traverses any (HREF) links that the ASP pages create - hence the web crawl sprawl.<BR><BR>Yes, *most* (not all) search engines will read the META tags and &#060;noindex, nofollow&#062; them or whatever you specify as requested. <BR><BR>Please check these out, very worthwhile reading for you:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Good Luck.

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