&nbsp;<BR>i am writing a registration form with asp and ado that insert information of users in database. <BR>i want that after registeration compelete and usere show the recieve information message in their browser, they cannot back and change some vlaue in form and submit again.<BR>i know two solution, but i dont know what i do?<BR>1- empty history of ie that users cannot back to prev. page.<BR>2- such as hotmail registration : if user after showing the subscription message ,back to previuse pages and change some value in form and submit ,server display a html page to user<BR>that tell to user:<BR> now you are sign in ,<BR>if you new user click here<BR>if you want continue click here.<BR>i dont konw coding for apply this two solution.<BR>if you know best way for this problem please help me. <BR>please response me and if you can, write it&#039s code for me. <BR>i hope shortly recieve your response . <BR>thank you. <BR>nasrin <BR>