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    I have been successfully using the Request.QueryString for a while now. I ran into a problem when trying to use &#060;% Request.QueryString("variable") %&#062; when tring to insert the deliminators within " " of an &#060;A HREF&#062;. To make matters even worse I also need to do it within &#060;% %&#062;. Here is an example:<BR><BR>&#060;% upl.SaveAs "c:my/path/&#060;%= Request.QueryString.Item("wsa_id") %&#062;.gif" %&#062;<BR><BR>Obviously this doesn&#039t work since the quotes and nested deliminators are a stumbling block. I am sure that I am going about this all wrong. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Brian<BR>

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    Pauly Guest

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    I&#039m not sure about your delimiter problem but the quotes could be handled by using a local variable.<BR>For Example:<BR>Dim var<BR>var = Request.QueryString.Item("wsa_id")<BR>&#060;% upl.SaveAs "c:my/path/&#060;%=var%&#062;.gif" %&#062;<BR>If you are utilizing this within a loop this would also be possible because you could create var as an array of strings which correspond to each of the items within the collection.<BR><BR>Hope that helps.<BR><BR>

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    Vikas Nigam Guest

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    try using this<BR><BR>&#060;% upl.SaveAs "c:my/path/"&Request.QueryString.Item("wsa_id")&".gif" %&#062;<BR>

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    Gilles Guest

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    The answer is &#060;%upl.SaveAs "c:/my/path/" & Request.QueryString("wsa_id") & ".gif"%&#062;

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